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Get what you love with Klarna. Shop now and pay later at Turbotong Hair!

We are very excited to be offering Klarna on everything, anytimeTurbotong Hair online.

We offer pay in 3 which gives you the ability to pay in instalments and increase your financial control and spending power. With no interest or fees it gives you the freedom to choose how and when you want to pay. You can spread the cost into 3 instalments and all you need to do is pay the first instalment on the day of your appointment. You can come into the salon for your appointment as normal and we will do a quick set up in the chair – easy peasy!

Frequently asked questions about Klarna:

What is pay in 3 instalments?

Buy what you love today and spread the cost over time in 3 equal instalments. Your chosen card will be charged automatically. No interest. No fees. Ever.

Am I eligible for Instalments?

To use Instalments you must be at least 18. Whilst this option is widely promoted, Instalments is subject to your financial circumstances. When choosing Instalments, our assessment will not affect your credit rating.

How does Instalments work?

Instalments will allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 3 equal payments. The payment for each instalment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you en­tered at checkout. Your first instalment will be collected when your order is confirmed by the merchant and instalments 2 and 3 are scheduled 30 and 60 days later, respectively.

Can I pay before the due date?

Yes! If you want to pay the outstanding balance of your Instalments purchase early, simply log in here, go to the order page and select “Pay off early”

What do I need to provide when I make a purchase?

If you want to make a purchase with Klarna using Instalments, you’ll need to provide the following : – Your phone number – Email Address – Current billing address – A valid debit/credit card All correspondence would be sent to your email address however, your mobile number is required should we need to reach you. It’s important that all this information is up to date otherwise you will not receive your payment schedule and any updated order information.

Does use of instalments require a full or ‘hard’ credit check?

No, a full sometimes referred to as a ‘hard’ check is not required to use instalments, but we will carry out a ‘soft search’ and an affordability assessment, where you will be asked to provide or confirm some details of your financial situation. This is in your best interests, so we can check you are able to meet your repayment obligations.

Will I be charged interest or fees?

No. We charge no interest, fees or additional repayment costs on your purchase. You can simply spread the cost of your purchase over 60 days – but it won’t cost you a penny more than if you paid for it in one go upfront. Simple.

For full terms and conditions visit Klarna.

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If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us:

  • By email: sales@turbotonghair.com


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